White's Dispatching Service, Inc.

About Us

Headquartered in Deville, LA., White’s Dispatching Service, Inc. provides top quality property management services for all aspects of the oil and gas industry. Founded by James O. White, White’s Dispatching Service has been providing drilling and production support for over 30 years.  As you will notice, we have the word “Service” in our name.  Our interpretation of the word service, as in the oilfield translation, is to live up to your commitment and fully discharge your responsibility to the customer.

No excuse, just a job well done
  • When a tool is required on the rig by tomorrow morning;
  • When the rig is shut down and the right services need to be contacted;
  • When a hurricane reaches the Gulf and lives are at stake;
  • When communication is the key, the key is WHITE'S DISPATCHING SERVICE.

Proper communication requires knowledge, experience and professionalism. These traits are found in all of White’s Dispatchers. No aspect of this most vital service is taken for granted by these professionals.

From move in – to move out, all details are handled by White’s Dispatching Service. Support facilities are arranged at no cost to the oil company or drilling contractor. No charge until the first piece of equipment arrives at the facility.

Once the base is established, the reception of tools and supplies, the scheduling of transportation for rig and service personnel and supplies, and the completion of required forms and reports are just a few of the standard services provided.

But WDS expediters do not stop with just the standard service. In a time when a number of companies are cutting corners and doing just the minimum required to get by, WDS expediters are trained to do the uncommon, the extra step.

Each company has different needs and requirements, so we make sure that communication starts before the job does. By meeting with company personnel prior to start up, White’s tailors its service to meet those needs. In addition, because of their experience, White’s professional dispatchers pride themselves on their flexibility. As a well progresses and conditions change, they adapt to these changes insuring that there are no surprises.

What does all of this mean to the company utilizing White’s Dispatching Service?
  • It means extended control over any situation.
  • It means maximum cost savings.
  • It means having the key to the most complete communications available.

Discover what other companies operating in the Gulf have: WHITE’S DISPATCHING SERVICE is the best key to a smooth operation.

WDS provides trained and qualified personnel for the following:
  • Dispatchers
  • Logistics Coordinators
  • Rig Clerks
  • Material Managers
  • Security Gate Attendants 

Need a security gate attendant.  Let WDS take care of everything for you.