White's Dispatching Service, Inc.


Dispatcher Responsibilities

A true shore base dispatcher can make or break any offshore facility. Whether it is for deep water, shelf, or inland drilling, White’s Dispatching Service personnel are trained to operate the most
professional and efficient shore base operations anywhere in the Gulf Coast.  We achieve this by keeping in mind our responsibilities as your dispatcher.

It is the responsibility of the shore base dispatcher to
maintain the flow of equipment and personnel to and from the offshore facilities at all times, with cost efficient and hands on management. This will allow your company representative to concentrate on well activities.

Dispatchers for White’s Dispatching are not the type to sit at a desk and sign whatever comes their way.  Our dispatchers maintain an extensive tracking system of all equipment and personnel as to the delivery, the shipment to rig, the shipment from rig, and the return to vendor.  Never will you see “One Basket of Tools” on a transfer filled out by one of our dispatchers. All equipment is inventoried going out and coming in.  Our personnel are capable of maintaining all the records your company requires, or operating with your own system of paperwork.

The WDS dispatcher duties include and are not limited to:
  • Shipping & Receiving (Manifest to Rig – Return to Vendor Transfers)
  • Equipment Inventory
  • Rental Inventory
  • Fuel & Lube Usage
  • Tracking of Marine Equipment
  • Tracking of Disposal & Cleaning Cost
  • Tracking of Trucking and Shipping Cost
  • Work With the Drilling Foreman to Maintain a Smooth Operation

It is also the responsibility of the dispatcher to
maintain a smooth running shore base with the utmost cost efficiency in dock service and trucking.