White's Dispatching Service, Inc.


WDS is an active member of ISNetworld and PEC Safety!!!!


“Safety is No Accident”

White’s Dispatching Service is dedicated to providing a safe and healthy workplace and to eliminate conditions and incidents that could result in personal injury while performing the highest level of safety practices. The health and safety of our employees, customers, and communities and prevention of pollution are among White’s Dispatching Service’s primary concerns. White’s Dispatching Service is committed to continual improvement, providing safe working conditions for our employees.

Goals are achieved by:
  • Compliance We will comply to all health, safety, and environmental laws and legislation and lead in all areas.
  • Health and Safety We will not compromise or endanger the lives of our employees and take necessary action to mitigate any such events.
  • Pollution Prevention We will assure proper disposal of waste products.
  • Job Competency Through proper training and leadership, employees are encouraged to develop safe attitudes, which, in turn, foster similar attitudes in others, thus creating a continual cycle of safe and quality working environments.
  • HSE Performance Reviewed through internal audits and monitoring trending of incidents reported and performance goals.
  • Contingency Planning We will identify all potential hazards and develop methods, procedures and communication lines to respond to such hazards if the needs arise.
  • Recognizing Achievements To foster morale and productivity, employees are recognized for achieving goals in a safe manner.

White's Dispatching Service has been given an excellent rating from LWCC for no accidents and no incidents.  White's Dispatching Service has held safety to a high standard with no personnel injuries over the last 9 years and is a member of ISNetworld. 
White's Dispatching Service is an active member of DISA.